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Health update - Nepali Congress General Secretary Dr. Shashank Koirala 10 AM

Health update of Nepali Congress General Secretary Dr. Shashank Koirala. 10:00 AM, 6th July 2016

Dr .Shashank Koirala, was admitted with abdominal discomfort and cough with shortness of breath. His blood pressure was 110/70 and SPO2 98%.
At 5:30 AM, he was found to be restless with low blood pressure 60/40mm Hg, SPO2 69% and with vomiting. Immediately consultants were informed thereafter he was intubated and CPR was done and mechanical ventilator was started.

At present, he is on ventilator support, inotropic/vasopressor support, broad spectrum antibiotics and therapeutic hypothermia. His heart rate is 130 beats per min; oxygen saturation is 96%, blood pressure 90/60, urine output 50 ml /hr. His ECG is normal and bedside echo showed normal chamber dimension with satisfactory systolic function. Chest X-ray showed extensive pneumonia of left lung.
At present his medical condition is critically ill with stable vital signs under advanced life support. He is being managed by team of Senior Medical Consultants.