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Health Update of Dr. Shashank Koirala - 7:00 PM

Date: 6th July, 2016
Press Release 7:00 PM
Dr. Shashank Koirala 58/M who was admitted in this hospital on 5th July, 2016 at 8 PM is critical state with stable vital signs.
He is still on ventilator support and inotropic support. His blood pressure is 120/50 mm Hg, SPO2 92% . His laboratory report has shown improvement in renal function with 3 liters of urine since morning. He is under sedation for mechanical support but responding to verbal commands.
Despite of this, his condition is still critical with stable vital functions. We are continuing with the same medical treatment under observation and care of team of medical doctors from Om hospital and medical specialists from different hospitals of the valley.